Sonny was there for you.

Brent didn't know who Saiid's boyfriend was.


Bonnie had no money to pay for a cab.

Olaf wanted Eugene to study French.

How deep is the lake?


I'm not quite prepared for this.

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I checked with her.

Michelle is a sheep farmer.

I'm better off alone.


There is a pair of scissors on the desk.

Could you excuse us a second?

The post-war economic development of vanquished nations can be rapid if they are not looted by the victors. For this there are two reasons. First, everything has not been destroyed: some things are merely broken; and a relatively small effort of rehabilitation is multiplied by the value of what remains serviceable. Second is the disabling of entrenched power structures, which often stand as a bar to progress.

Dirk started drinking after his wife left him.

We'll follow you.

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It was really loud inside the club.

In case there is an accident, report it to me at once.

I'm trying to talk to you.

Eva was affected by the break-up.

We were caught in a storm.

Graham yelled something in French that I couldn't understand.

Dan's new girlfriend is very young.


It took us two hours to get to Athens.

Quit pouting. Smile and cheer up.

They expect some cooperation of you.

We don't usually go for cute stuff, but this is just too adorably awesome.

Why didn't someone help Ravindranath?

I don't need a nap.

I don't think we're ready.

Gunnar learned to swim when he was very young.

An acre is a unit of measurement; Accra, the capital of Ghana, and Acre, a Brazilian state.

I just want you out of my house.

Kim had long hair last year.

That was awkward.

No one is more universally despised than the fence-sitter, a person who refuses to take a position but criticizes that of everyone else.


There was an abandoned car by the river.


"One-one, this is one-two. Say again, you're coming in broken. Over."

Travis kept his eyes shut.

Pilar grew up with a secular and antifascist education.


Don't work yourself sick.


Once I lived in Osaka.


Coleen stood rigid.


Where do you think I can find Malaclypse?

Scott is quite considerate.

She is persistent though she doesn't look so.

Kenton never said goodbye.

Our band will be on tour for the next three months.

It wouldn't be fair.

Pessimism believes in no improvement.

Are you going to leave them?

Tell Ira everything I told you.

Spass wanted Christie to write a recommendation for him.

You are frustrated with your work.

He kept on singing.

Is the room big enough for you?


She used to love that.

He spoke with a pipe in his mouth.

Just a little bit is left.

Please, give me your address.

There's nothing to be scared of.

Bill made the right decision after all.

That's so untrue.

This story can't be published.

Forty-eight hours is how many minutes?

You did lose them, but gained me.

Could you tell me how to delete this sentence?

To be honest, I really don't know.

The young couple fell in love with each other very soon.

Tracey was waiting at the gate.

I hardly know anything about Australia.


Of one hundred warriors, ten came back uninjured; the rest died.

Many foreigners can appreciate Kabuki.

The famous conductor lives in New York.

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Shakil denied those accusations.

Joe stayed up late to finish writing the report.

He would often sit for hours doing nothing.


Math and science were invented by humans to describe and understand the world around us.

Can you help me figure it out?

I've never seen you before in my life.


Giovanni, from now on, leave the cooking to Judge! He has more experience than you.

God has sent his angels to protect you wherever you go.

Our teacher said: "Of course you can."

Don't wanna feel blue.

It's fine day and I feel like going fishing.

Betty isn't going to give an inch.

Joseph's two mates died in an accident, and he himself is slowly going to his death.

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Where can I go to get a map of Europe?

Sally has been on a diet since last month.

You should try the exam again.

You're an amazing dancer.

I was in the army once.

You must put an end to your foolish behavior.

He's in this thing up to his balls.

You must not tell a lie.

I'll take them home now.

Granville was toying with you.

Eva read lots of books.

When a man is tired of London, he is tired of life; for there is in London all that life can afford.

I'd like to read some books about the Beatles.


My plan was very effective.

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Who's been talking to Johnnie?

I'm sure you'll tell me what I want to know.

I haven't bought a new coat in five years.

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I live in an old house.

Sergio would like to speak to you in private.

Is Serdar alone?

Nobody wants to help Timo.

Dan was glad to hear that Linda no longer dated Matt.

Blind people sometimes develop a compensatory ability to sense how close objects are around them.

You don't work for me.

She always smiles at me.

We implemented our models in C++.

Do you know the story of Hansel and Gretel?

Hearing that a transfer student was coming, the class buzzed with excitement.

Valeria was very understanding.

How do you know that?

They gave their horses water.

They are our guests.


I think you said you wanted to help Lloyd.

Let them know we're happy.

Take it as it comes.

The coat that she said she wanted was very expensive.

I don't have to answer to anyone.

Huey passed away getting struck by lightning on the beach.

Antonella felt woozy.

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I'm quite a stranger in this town.

You want Bradley to be good, don't you?

We're not going to let them die.


What a cute baby!

How many daughters does Gilles have?

Rudolph felt woozy.


She is lucky.

People don't buy milk from this store.

You're a very attractive woman.

There are many children whose mothers go out to work.

There was nowhere to buy food.

We have no plan.

You made me buy that for you.


Mosur has as attractive a personality as her sister.

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I'll go out there and look around.


Let me ask another question.

I like spoons.

You'd better not be late again.

Do you know where Juri found the diamond?

It's a little hot.

Nadeem can't hit the ball straight.

Rain or snow, out you go.

Can somebody get them drinks?

I've seen a couple of Kurosawa's films.

The sum of all the angles in a triangle equals 180 degrees.

We're playing tag. Do you want to play with us?


We enjoyed ourselves at the picnic.


I don't know who did that.

I like to read.

The old man passed away this morning.


It is all right to eat out tonight?

I've got to stop you.

Murthy will be happy to see you.

We're going to have to get in there.

Scarcely had I reached home before the telephone rang.

You gave Gary my message, didn't you?

Ted was the only one in the room at 2:30.

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What do you say to taking a rest?


They escaped when the door was opened.

I'm buttering the bread.

That's a safe guess.

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Okay! Does everyone understand?