This one will be shortish and to the point kind of, but with pictures!

Here we are! Our new home! Through that door and up a flight of stairs is our new apartment. We are renting the top half of a house. Our landlord, Nancy lives on the first floor. It was a really rough move, it was quick and happened really fast, and it was extremely tiresome, oh my was it! The place though is amazing, it has everything we could possibly want, dishwasher, excellent air flow and cross wind through the house, large backyard with a flower garden, patio, large produce garden,  AND WE CAN HAVE A DOG!! WE DO AND HIS NAME IS MAYNARD!!!

Maynard being happy and derpy.

In addition to our move, I’ve also started doing training at work for hybrid cars and manual transmissions, in addition to the training I have been doing for diesels. With this change, I was also able to negotiate a 35 hour gaurantee, which means that no matter how many hours of labor I get done each week, my boss has guaranteed to pay me 35 hours. So that means that I now have a minimum amout of pay that I will get each week, and it can only go up from there. As opposed to before, without a gaurantee, if my sercvice advisor misses a week and we don’t have any customer cars to work on all week, I would have only been paid for the work that I did, so if I only did 18 hours of work, then I get only 18 hours of pay. It’s a crazy system, but that’s how the industry works. and now I am at least getting consistant pay. So cheers to that! Anyways, here is a few pictures from the last couple months, enjoy. Ill work on trying to get some pictures of the yard and the patio and garden! We love you all!

P.S. – For my birthday I got a tiny 5 port netgear router, 100 ft of CAT5 cable (both of those so that I could hook up this web server in the bedroom closet) and I also got a refirbished Kindle Paperwhite, it is awesome and I have many books on it already! Thanks mom and dad!

We are moving!

OMG we’re moving!!!

Oh my gosh, this sure did happen quickly! Today is the day, We’re going to go sign our lease and put down a deposit in only a couple hours, then we will be free to move stuff! So I’ll post again later in the week when things get all settled and I have the network moved over and working. SO MUCH PACKING!


And an update on my knee that has been hurting for the last handful of months. It still hurts, pretty bad, and I was unable to get an MRI of it yesterday, for like the 3rd time now the machine broke itself. So now it’s going to have to get reapproved by insurance because the date that the initial order was for is up now. Bleh.